About Us

The Oassys Team is a group of Senior Biomedical Engineering students at the Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona.

We are enthusiastic and innovative. It’s in our names.

In the last decade, the health care sector has been enriched by numerous new innovations, such as apps and connected devices, e.g. for weight reduction, diabetes, or measuring blood pressure/glucose. Only a few mHealth apps in oncological context exist.

Oassys is about a last year group project, as part of the Introduction to Medical Devices and its Design subject. Oassys is the ongoing outcome of an exhaustive and thorough need analysis of how oncologists and cancer patients could benefit from mHealth. We aim at designing, implementing and offering an oncological mHealth app, scalable and engaging, which supports patients during treatment and aftercare, and at the same time enables data analyses and feedback strategies.

We work through interdisciplinary research, analysis and dialogue with renowned academics, researchers, professionals and companies in the fields of biomedical engineering, medicine, oncology, computer engineering and mobile technology.

Looking for collaboration? Do not hesitate to contact us.